Hmmm, thats odd – big differences between V2 and V3?

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      Hey guys, I have signed up for a bootcamp next week for the ECSA, and all of my pre-reading material looks to be V2, not V3.

      Are there huge differences in the 2?  Looks like there is much more on Logging, and the Google Hacks section looks to be more in detail.

      Anyone have any feedback on V3 vs V2?

      How different is the exam?  (Though I guess noone here has taken both)

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      Who is the training provider you have signed up to take the course with? The difference in version material is significant as the new course covers both ECSA and LPT topics. There are 3 course books instead of 2 and the material is a bit different. The test, however, should be fairly close to the same right now. If you have the opportunity to take the exam at the end of your class next week, I’d recommend that you do so.

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      Security University (from the cccure site, also recommended by some of my amigos)

      The test is on Friday, immediately after the course, so Ill be taking it then.

      So, is it as technical as the CEH exam?  The material doesnt really look as “specific” – not so much with specific switches, a bit less of the endless parade of tools, etc.

      Ive gone over the reading material a few times already – just hope its not all that different.

      Thanks for the assist.

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      I don’t know. I thought the questions seemed to be fairly close to that on the CEH exam. Some people say that the ECSA isn’t as technical and is easier, but in my opinion it seemed on the same level.

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      Im surprised that the test only covers Mod 1-10 on the EC Council Website, as some of the real good stuff is later than that.

      Also, my Version 2 stuff doesnt have much about logging, or setting up a DMZ – so thats a bit unnerving.

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