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      Greetings Guys,

      Ok, so my family has been the target of some very vicious online attacks, harassment for over a year now. We made the mistake of hiring a Cyber Forensic investigator who didn’t really give us sufficient information about who was stalking us.

      I’m the farthest from an IT or online forensics person but I need help in hiring someone reasonably priced (Blue Collar guy) who can help me identify this socio-path who has made it there lifes purpose to attack me and my children via social media, blogspots, tumblr’s.

      I’ve received quotes from cyber forensic investigators and they charge upwards to $4k which is pretty intense for a working joe like myself.

      After my ordeal is over I really want to help other families who’ve been through this.

      Can you guys recommend any ethical hackers? Cyber forensic investigators?

      Thanks for taking the time to help.

      P.S. if I’ve broken any Forum guidelines please forgive I’m new and really trying to find a solution to my issue.

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      It might help if you provided more information about what exactly is going on. How are you being harassed? Do you need to identify the culprit or would you be happy to stop the harassment by doing more to protect your online presence? Do you have some real-life ideas about who this might be? Have you contacted an attorney?

      I don’t know how good your odds are of identifying this person. It really depends on what they are doing and what sites/services they are using. At some point, you’ll probably need a court order or two to get services/providers to turn over data on this person. Let’s say for example that someone is setting up Facebook accounts under an assumed name for the purpose of harassing you. You’ll need a court order to get Facebook to tell you what email was used to register and what IP addresses were used to access the account. You can find out what company the IP belongs to, but then you’ll need another court order to get that company to tell you who was using the IP. I don’t know what is required to get a court order for this purpose and it probably depends on what state you’re in. If the actions of this person constitute a crime that you can get the police interested in, then they will probably do a better job of getting this information that you will and it will cost you a lot less.

      FYI, if the harassment is sexual in nature (e.g. explicit sexual overtures, sending pornographic pictures) and directed at the kids, you should definitely float that by the police.

      If there isn’t a criminal case to be had, your best bet is probably to rethink your online presence. Can you scale-down your social media presence? Are you using restrictive privacy settings on Facebook/Twitter/etc? Do you really need to use all of the sites that you currently use? Are you kids Facebook friends with 300 people or just 10?

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