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      I recently heard about this from a podcast and have started using it. It has really useful for looking at log files as quickly and efficiently as possible. Getting rid of known good lines is very handy for quickly cutting through a log file.


      Highlighter is a free utility … with three views of the log or text file being analyzed:

        – a text view that allows users to highlight interesting keywords and remove lines with “known good” content

        – a graphical, full-content view that shows all content and the full structure of the file, rendered as an image that is dynamically editable through the user interface

        – a histogram view that displays patterns in the file over time. Usage patterns become visually apparent and provide the examiner with useful metadata that is not available in other text viewers/editors.

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      That’s a pretty cool tool.  I was playing around with it and it worked pretty well for me.  Thanks!

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