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      Hello everyone

      Sorry for my english (I am not native) and I hope this forum can help me.
      I think I can get some help here, as my request is ethical 100% and pushed by good and love reasons

      I am Italian and I am working in Bulgaria in smartworking.
      Because the pandemic I am sick to stay here with noone (I moved in August after 5 years in another european country) and I would like to do “south workin” from my hometown in Italy for 2/3 months (the office will be closed til end of february but I think they will put forward til summer)
      I asked to my TL about it and she told me yess, but then she told me HR said that since the contract is valid for BG only is snot possible, except for short time due tax stuf (I dont know what they mean for “long term” in this not normal worldwide situation btw)..but she told me laughing “well but we dont check employees houses…” letting me uinderstand that maybe I could do that in a clandestine way..who cares where I am for 3 months If I work good (and maybe even better as I won’t be depressed as now)
      Anyway we use Forti Client VPN and they provided me a small LEnovo Think Centre mini PC my questions are:

      – I cant install anything on this PC, I tried winrar and vlc player and the system doesnt allow me as requests admin credentials (so sayonara Vpn software..my idea was gettinmg a Bulgarian IP from Italy)

      So i tried ghost vpn extension and I have 2 nesw, 1 good 1 bad

      1 The good is i got a Nederland Ip (was a free version with no Italian choice but doesnt matter is not Bulgaria) allowed me to connect with FortiClient (i use credential plus a pin plus with its last part generated randomly by a a token)

      2 The bad one: that bloody extension maybe doesn’t allow me to get into my work panels…if i switch off the extension ok I do (in mozilla it tells me the site Its not secure but i can ignore that, but with VPN ON i dont get that message) and also with other browsers my sites are not reachable. Do you think it’s just a problem linked with the extension?
      So the only change would be to connect from Italy without trying to get a BG IP also because I forgot that my company has office in several countries, also in Asia and 1 othe customer care in Italy and they use our panel as well, so I think that italian Ip eventually wont be suspicious..as long they dont check every day how many italian Ip and how many Bg Ip are logging in..but this looks pretty paranoid..

      What do u think? Why I was not able to open the work panels on internet?
      Do you think that test was enaugh to be sure their Vpn is not closed to accesses from other countries expet Bulgaria?
      What do You suggest?

      Thanks guys!

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