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      Don’t know if this is the right are of the site that I should do this, guess the mods will move it if needs be. 

      I’m blue_hat an aspiring computer programmer and all. Started teaching myself C++, Javascript, PHP and Python. Want to be good at them eventually then start on Java, C and maybe Perl or something of the sort. Any insight as to what move would be a good one?

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      What’s your goal? Those languages are pretty unique from one another. You’ve mentioned scripting languages, web languages and application software language. They all have different purposes.

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      If you enjoy the coding, you can look into what strengths you will need for areas such as Exploit development, bug hunting or reverse engineering malware.  Scripting languages will help you in just about any facet of ethical hacking.  Whether it is automating some tedious tasks or creating a php script to drop in a vulnerable website that will open up a shell and let your backdoor into the web server.  I for one would love to be stronger in the scripting languages, I have a good amount of background for the systems and networking but have not really put much time into scripting. 

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      Hello and welcome.

      Sounds like you’re interested in software development. I think which path you take depends on what you ultimately want to do as cd1zz mentioned. Any/all of those are good choices.

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      Welcome blue_hat,

      With programming languages it is always a matter of “the right tool for the right job”.  So as cd1zz mentioned it always depends on your goals.

      Nevertheless I think it is always good to have various programming languages on your “tool belt” since very often they help looking at problems in different ways. Because when holding only the same hammer in your hand …every problem somehow always looks like a nail… (and maybe not like a screw…) 

      Again Welcome to EH-Net!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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