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      I have found your site in google while searching for CEH reviews. The site and forum are awesome with large amounts of content.
      I have experience in networking (CCNA, JNCIS-E, JNCIS-SP) and starting now my security track with JNICS-SEC.
      I am eager to learn more on the security side of networks and hopefully get a job on the pentesting area.
      Also trying to find the path to take after the Juniper exam, prolly followed by MCSE to get more in sys admin, and afterwards pursue some pen hacking labs and tests?


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      Don Donzal

      Welcome to EH-Net and thanks for the compliment.

      Plenty of paths to take, but the wider your foundation the better. Pen testing touches on so many disciplines, the the more you know and the more experience you have the better. So having your firm grasp of networking and then adding MCSE will add the sys admin part. Add in a little programming (try python), and you’ll be good to go to start your new path into ethical hacking.

      When the time comes, look at courses from eLearnSecurity, Hacking Dojo, Offensive Security. If you can afford longer boot camp style courses, look at SANS, InfoSec Institute, Mile2, Parameter Security, TRaining Camp… there’s lots of them. Most of them we know, so if you need a discount code, look around the site or just ask.

      Good luck and keep us posted as to your progress. We’ve been here for years and will continue to be. I mention it, because if you didn;t know already, this is not a short-term goal. This is more of a career choice.

      All the best,

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      Hi Don,

      Thanks a lot for the insight. I will try to keep up with this always evolving subject besides my daily networking job. I will for sure try to pursue this path.
      I have some C knowledge alongside php/html/JS. I will start by reading some books I have already checked out in the book section.
      Thanks once again.

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