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      Hello guys,

      Just thought I’d post here and introduce myself 😛 Well I’m 24 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I’ve always been fascinated by computers, technologies and weird theories such as time travel lol. I’m still at college because I skip any class that seems boring to me and generally don’t pay much attention anyhow (maybe I’m a bit of an ADD person). So I failed a couple of times, oh well. I’m mostly interested in programming, security and a bit of networking (though I find CISCO classes very boring).

      I started learning stuff about security about one year ago, bufferoverflows, sql injection etc. Feels like I’ve learned a lot, but there’s still way too much that I don’t even have a clue about. So I started looking into reverse engineering and cryptography, which will hopefully improve my chance of actually finding new security holes.

      I’ve come to realize that I’m doing all the research and studying on my own and never actually talk about it with others. Maybe I should be part of a community or something, not sure 😛 Wanting to reach the next level and maybe someday make a living out of it.


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      Welcome aboard EH-net.  Keep at it, I know you will make your way out of college.  I dropped out after a few semesters the first time around because I still did not have direction.  After doing some growing up I am back in college and will graduate next year.  Woo!

      I’ve been at this for a few years and there are still things I do not have a clue about.  Information security is so rich with different areas, but it sounds like you are on well on your way.  I feel it is important to know programming and networking before you move onto any deeper topics.

      Stick around, read the posts, join the discussions, ask questions.  I’m sure you will enjoy it.  I personally think this security thing will catch on, and we will all have job security and make tons of money. 🙂

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      Don Donzal

      Thanks for choosing our community as the one for your contributions.

      Keep us updated as to your progress and ask away. We’re here to help.


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      Welcome to EH-Net, zeroflaw. Always nice to get another member for discussions etc.. As Don already stated, we are here to help each other. 😉

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      I’ll fourth their comments, and welcome aboard, zeroflaw.  I think you’ll find EH-net a very good place to start, and if you have something that we dimply don’t know, a lot of us are happy to help you find the answers elsewhere.

      Good luck with the college pursuit, as well.  I personally NEVER went to college, although, for obvious reasons (many jobs are hesitant to look at you without a degree) there are often times I wish I had.  Who knows, someday, when not hammered with work, the wife, and our kids, I might actually find time to try it, again.  I’ve never given up on the idea, myself!  The fact that you’re still after it is good, and I’m confident you’ll make your way through it.

      Again, welcome aboard!

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      Thanks for the welcomes!

      Well as for college, maybe should have mentioned that I’m almost done with it. I have some exams to pass and then I’ll be doing my final internship or whatever it’s called. I still have to apply somewhere but hopefully they will appreciate the work and offer me a job  8) I kinda regret fooling around a lot and not paying attention to classes.

      I’m not sure if I want to become a developer or do something with security. I can always make either one of them a hobby 😛 Or end up doing both anyway.

      Thanks again, this really seems to be a nice place 8)


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