help with man in middle attacks

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    is it possible for a man in the middle attack to lead to raid array or rather the creation of dynamic disk usage with hdd’s? I swear it joined me to a domain I cant get out of. Admin turned to ADMINS with roaming profiles….

    After clean re install what should I do?

    Does even nook color need clean install?

    How can i safeguard against this in future?

    anything funny I can send to middle man that lets him know he is BUSTED and shame on him tsk tsk.

    I am a student in ITT more of a networking and san field however.
    Thank you for any help you may contribute in advance!  :-*

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    MITM attacks in their original form are mainly used for intercepting / sniffing traffic. So this could probably lead to a compromised administrative account on your local machine or your network, and this could lead to a lot of interesting behaviours of course. But you need to have some major “open doors” on your network for a MITM within your network to be successful. It’s more likely that a single workstation infected with some kind of (keylogging) malware is the source of such a threat.

    Anyways, it’s hard to assess wether it’s a real incident or just some kind of new gpo being rolled out without any further details 😉


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