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      i will be registering for 610: Reverse-Engineering Malware, its a SANS SelfStudy – On Your Own.

      I was wondering if there are any discount coupons that anyone here knows about. Im new in U.S. … any guidance about what all I need to select while registering this course would be highly appreciated.

      FOR 610: Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques                                ($2,891)
      GREM Certification Attempt          $499 Proctored
      (Online Training & Assessments – $399)

      there are 3 checkboxes … after the first, should i check the other two too ?
      I am working and i would be able to devote around 3-4 hours max each day … so i guess ill spend a little time after the course is over to give the exam, kindly guide me as what options would suit me best.

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      I think the group discount code is Connect_EHN10, seems to work.

      Click on the links to find out what those extra options give you

      I’d want to take the exam after forking out for the course!

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      a very basic question … do i need to select all the three options now ?
      i would like to go through the course and spend some time practicing what is taught in the course

      does online training and assessment mean they will have practice material before the exams? i know i should be asking these to the course people (ill do that today itself) but just thought ill ask here too as ppl might know about this

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      has anyone here taken the online training and assessment option along with any course ?

      just curious about how useful it is along with any course

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      I’ve taken the Ondemand piece as an add-on to conference attendance and found it very useful to reinforce the concepts. I tend to volunteer at conferences when i can so i miss some of the labs and spend time handing out materials, fetching beverages for instructor, helping students with labs, etc so the additional online access was very valuable to me. I’ve also used Ondemand as the sole training source for 2 of my certs (GCIA and GAWN) and found it to be more than sufficient to meet the training objectives.

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      I’m unsure of your skillset but I will say if you can fork out for it, take the VLive course. I’m taking it right now and there are a lot of extreme concepts you need to understand that “OnDemand” won’t be able to explain in its entirety. With the VLive option, it allows you to ask questions in realtime until you understand the concept. I’m on the 4th day of the exam (3 weeks in) and I can tell you that unless you have solid experience, OnDemand will likely lack in the sense that your interpretation will differ from what they’re trying to teach you

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      sadly there are no vlive courses going on for Malware analysis …i guess OnDemand would be the way to go

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      for doing malware analysis …there are a number of malwares which can detect VM environment and actually infect the host on which the VM is being run …

      so should i continue using a VM or should i invest in a ..say a netbook which is capable enough to run a vm … even if it gets infected i can do a full format and get back on without losing any personal data

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