help to decode strange frequencies with rtl-sdr dongle

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    Can you help me to decode this strange signals…what is this…, need some help who knows hacking with rtl-sdr software, or that recommend someone for me. This frequencies are recorded with keenerds tool rtl_fm like this

    rtl_fm -M usb -f 1240M:1400M:0.2M -s 22050k -g 50 -p 87 -d 1 -l 310 | sox -traw -r8k -es -b16 -c1 -V1 – -tmp3 – | sox -n rtl_card1_211215.mp3

    other tools that I was using is sdrsharp, panorama (GUI frontend for rtl_power),7p1y8p61nm26q,h8wzpk2fb4qy5/shared

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    don’t know if this will help in your goal or not, but did you check

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    Find on that page similar unknown frequency in that range, don’t know what is it, but think that know what generates power in that frequency range TWT, like this one , although don’t know what they do. This is commercial product, many manufacturers made TWT which operate form 1.225-1.35GHz, anyway thanks.

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