HELP Got Sec certs/network expiriance no interviews!?

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      I need help PLEASE!!! I have work experience in computer networking and I have obtained the GCIA, GCIH, GPEN, Sec+, Net+ and MCP certs. My expired certs but still knowledgeable in CCNA and CEH. Ive been applying but 95% of the jobs I apply to im not getting a single interview. With the other 5% im getting that initial interview but im getting denied(They only ask questions about my resume not a technical interview).Ive been out of the IT field for a couple of years but its like riding a bike im still knowledgeable and GIAC certs are resent. Im wondering what im doing wrong and why am I not getting to that technical interview? What direction should I take im learning python, a little weak with the web stuff. Should I learn web programming HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT or if I know the OWASP top 10 am I ok? Please help, im a computer technician barely making it and spent a lot of money trying to make it in the security field.

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      What kind of jobs are you applying? If you’ve been out for few years out of IT I would suggest try to get any network or system admin job or including helpdesk, just to try to go back to the field, then move to defense part.

      Where are you located?

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      Don’t take this the wrong way, but if your resume reads like your post, then I would start by re-writing your resume and getting someone to review it with you. There were a lot of typos in the posting. I had the same problem for over a year due to an auto-correct I missed. Changed Virtualization to Visualization. Once that was pointed out to me, and I fixed it (And it was the only fix) the calls started pouring in.

      What format are you using for your resume? Since it’s been a few years, I would focus on the Functional resume over the Chronological one. If you have any IT / InfoSec related volunteer experience find a way to work that in to the resume too.

      Lastly, what’s your twitter handle? It really is who you know not what you know. Even though I changed jobs this year, I submitted my resume to HR and didn’t get past the filter, it took people I knew there that got me to apply to get me the interviews. In one case, the job posting was written using my resume and HR said I wasn’t qualified. (It was a position I had been doing as a contractor, and my managers were trying to hire me full time).

      This is true for other people I know too. You need to be a known person in the community, once you are you’ll find people that will help get you past HR for the interviews.

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      and if you can’t find anyone else to review your resume, let me know and I’ll look it over.

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