Help for anyone who is learning shell scripting

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    For any of you who are just starting out in pentesting, or need help, when trying to understand what bash scripts are doing, etc, here’s a page a buddy was showing me, this morning. I can see how it would benefit a lot of folks, who need quick understanding of a line or lines.

    Hope it helps someone.

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     Phillip Wylie 

    Cool site, thanks for sharing!

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    @rockman wrote:

    Cool site, thanks for sharing!


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    Wow, that is neat. I’ll definitely be passing that around. Thanks!

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    Awesome site. Thanks for the share.

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     Master Of Puppets 

    That will be useful. Thank you!

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    I can recommend a couple of titles for improving your 1) shell scripting and 2) your programming.

    For shell scripting: “Expert Shell Scripting” by Ron Peters (Apress).

    For shell scripting/improving your programming: “Mastering Regular Expressions” by Jeffrey Friedl (O’Reilly).

    Both good books and worth the effort to go through.

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