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      So based off of the reccomendations on the forum (thanks everyone!) I picked up this book.  It has been awesome so far and I have been breezing through it.  What python book should I look to after this one?  I realize I will be no where near being a pro and looking for some suggestions….

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      dive into python. you can even read it for free.



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      @the_Grinch: What do you want to achieve with python programing? Do you want to write simple scripts to handle daily tasks or are you looking at developing applications?

      I am asking because we may guide you in a different way, depending on what your goal is…  😉

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      Thanks I will check out Dive into Python.  My ultimate goal is to do all of the above and ultimately look into exploit development.  I realize Python probably won’t be the end all be all for exploit development, but for now being able to automate tasks and write programs would be awesome!  Thanks again!

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      Don Donzal

      It’s not out yet, but soon look for:

      Coding for Penetration Testers
      Building Better Tools 
      By Jason Andress  &  Ryan Linn



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          Thanks for this, will definitely buy it as soon as it comes out.  Thanks again for all the help everyone!

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      My ultimate goal is to do all of the above and ultimately look into exploit development.

      @the_Grinch: Starting with playing around with python is a pretty good idea. I suggest you start with the “Penetration Testing with Backtrack” course from Offensive-Security if you want to go for exploit development. They have a nice way of explaining how to write exploits.

      Security Tube (http://www.securitytube.net/video/231) has a pretty good (and free!) tutorial on how to exploit buffer overflow.

      But to be able to write more complex exploits, look for “Cracking the Perimeter” from Offensive-Security. You will need some basic knowledge of assembly language to succeed. Assembly is much more complex than Python, but it can be learned by humans!  😉

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      Great information, thanks everyone!  I have a plan of attack, with a set of goals I’d like to accomplish prior to going after OCSP.

      1.  Finish my CCNA (ICND2 is the test I need to complete)
      2.  Complete Linux+ (I know a fair amount of linux stuff, but Linux+ with LPIC should get me where I need to be)
      3.  Continuing working on Python and start BASH scripting
      4.  Complete MCITP:SA (I work with Windows servers and would like to do Windows Security, so figure this should be completed).
      5.  Maybe complete MCITP:Virtualization (I work with Hyper-V a lot as well)
      6.  Purchased eCPPT awhile ago, so I will complete that

      On top of that, I have a reading list I plan on completing in that time:

      Wireshark Network Analysis
      NMAP Network Scanning
      Human Hacking
      Backtrack 4
      Grayhat Hacking 3rd Edition
      Thor’s Microsoft Security Bible (haven’t purchased yet)
      Shell Coder’s Handbook (haven’t purchased yet)
      Metasploint Unleashed (haven’t purchase yet)

      I figure I am looking about a year and a half, maybe two years to get where I would like to be before OCSP.  Then I go through in some C/C++ and ASM to rock CTP.  Thanks again!

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      If you want to learn exploit development you’re gonna have to learn C eventually, and possibly Assembly. Python will also be useful. But I would suggest reading Gray Hat Python for this.

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      What exactly did you learn from this book, because i was thinking about getting this book for my birthday and don’t want to get it if it was tooooooo basic!

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      I didn’t get to complete it just yet as I reviewed TMSB and am finishing my CCNA.  That being said, I read through the first 7 chapters and while a little basic, I think ultimately you will jump into some advanced topics.  Overall, I’d say it is a great introduction to Python and you could probably knock it out in a weekend.  Would make a great birthday gift!  Gotta crawl before you walk…

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      You should get the python for the absolute beginner 😮 http://amzn.to/riJDpE

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