Hello :D I could use some sort of advisor… anyone intrested? :D

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      I quite new to this but that come’s actually becouse I’m 15…
      I don’t have a special ICT education but… I’m very intrested and ready to learn and read…
      I just need someone for advise on what to do next and for some handy tips or (maby) real time help (on chat ofcourse :p)
      I’m busy learning basics of python and I have a fair knowlege of HTML and very little of javascript…
      so far for me, how re you guy’s 😀


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      Hi god37337,

      First welcome to Ethical Hacker Network. If you really want to learn this is the place to do it. We won’t spoon feed you, we’ll give you ideas on how to improve your research.

      Second, and don’t take this the wrong way, but there are several great threads on the forum about where to start. The best ones are pinned. Look in the different areas and read up. A lot of time in anything IT related is going to be spent reading and researching.

      Since I’m feeling nice.
      Learn multiple Operating systems and Distros. Windows, Linux, BSD.

      Learn Networking, not just concepts of it but deep understanding of it. You should be able to pull up a packet capture and read it.

      Learn tools. Not just how to run them, but how they work. There have been times I’ve had to try and make a tool work, when I didn’t have access to the tool. So script it up the hard way quick and dirty.

      Learn how to actually program and script. Not just writing crap spaghetti code, but actually code what you need. (I’m guilty of the spaghetti code more than I want to be).

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