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      Are there any more hands on training courses for network pen testing/hacking? CEH type courses are more about the certification than anything. Maybe something primarily lab based? I’d prefer classroom based training, not online.

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      For hands-on stuff, you’d either have to look for something like OffSec’s courses (offered at the cons – BlackHat, etc) or perhaps one of the SANS courses. The kicker to most hands-on courses are the costs, as typically, they’ll run into the thousands of dollars. I know Joe McCray has done some onsite courses, as well, although I’ve not taken any from him, live.

      Pretty much everything else, I’m aware of, is online and / or self-study based.

      Maybe there are others, but from my experiences, this tends to be the case. Honestly, the better courses specific to pentesting, that I’ve taken, have been the online ones. I get the desire to have direct / physical access to labs and trainers, but the materials often lack, in the few I’ve been able to attend. I much prefer the online, especially for the quality of training I’ve received from them.

      (And I agree on CEH, with the sole exception that if you get the ‘right’ instructor, some of them will spend a lot of after-hours time doing labs with you. Mine did, however, from what I hear from many people, he wasn’t typical of most of the CEH instructors. But still, it wasn’t as ‘hands-on’ as the other courses, above.)

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      Although it’s not classroom based, the online course material offered by PentesterAcademy is very hands-on across many of the topics they offer, and is very affordable IMHO. I have a subscription myself. 🙂

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      I’ll second m0wgli’s answer, as well.

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      You could look at HackingDojo.com (yes, I run it, so this is a bit of a bias recommendation).

      We have lessons, a lab, and live interaction with an instructor if you have questions (via Skype messaging and desktop sharing as needed).

Viewing 4 reply threads
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