"Hacking with Kali: Practical Penetration Testing Tchniques"

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      Hello E-netters,

      Since Kali Linux release, there has been little documentations and how to ‘Metasploits Unleashed’.

      Henceforth, a book by Broad, James “Hacking with Kali: Practical Penetration Testing Techniques” coming soon in December 2013, link http://www.amazon.ca/Hacking-Kali-Practical-Penetration-Techniques/dp/0124077498

      Has anyone being given a preview of this book? Is it worth buying given the lack of concise documentation?

      The second book that has already been in the market is “Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux” by
      Muniz, Joseph, link http://www.amazon.ca/Web-Penetration-Testing-Kali-Linux/dp/1782163166

      I am planning to purchase this book since it’s title and highlights of the book looks pretty good. Has anyone given a read of this book? Is it worth investing on it? What’s your general feeling toward this book. Is it for beginners, mid or seasoned pros?

      Your candid observations will help your fellow E-netter.

      Much to look forward to!


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      Master Of Puppets

      This is the first time I have heard of them so here is just an opinion:

      The first one looks interesting. I would put it in the “beginners” category. I even think I’m going to check it out when it comes out. There’s always something more to learn.

      However, by the looks of it, the second one does have some prerequisites but nothing special. Both of these books are not for exactly for pros, I think they would be nice if you’re starting out.

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      Well, Kali Backbox, Backtrack are just tools that can make your life a lot easier But keep in mind that you need knowledge and experience behind all of these tools in order to use them correctly. For example imagine that you have a great saw but you don’t know how to use it’ so in this situation the saw is nothing for you.

      Hacking or let’s say ETHICAL hacking is a knowledge, if you learn it, there is no differences between Kali or backtrack, you can even use a windows box to hack

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      The Web Penetration one is damn good. Far beyord beginners and covers every aspect one needs to know, getting started in web penetration testing.

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