hacking wireless network at school…help!

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      in school they have various web pages blocked. the access is open, you do not need a wep key. However, their firewall astaro, blocks most of the pages. I want to hack to the network and have unlimited access through the web. if possible be able to turn off the firewall. Im an using backtrack 4 and until now i have been able to make my way through some programs and the usage of the shell. 

      Please help!… its pretty stressful to be at school with a laptop and actually access to nothing.

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      Depending what country your in, you could be breaking the law. Either way what you are trying to accomplish is UN-ethical. This website is for ETHICAL hackers.

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      Go away.  Why not pay attention to your teachers and learn what they are teaching and do your Internet browsing at home where you can do whatever you want.

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      Welcome to Ethical Hacker Network.

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      (going to jump on the bandwagon here)

      This is Ethical Hacker, if you want to be one, maybe you should learn what a firewall is used for and why the owners would chose to block the sites they do.

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      best advice is (assuming the sites are education related) discuss your requirements with teachers and school admin to get access to the sites unblocked. Hacking shouldn’t be required.

      If they’re not education related then that is what you’re home internet connection is for….

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      Wow you can get to a hacker website but can’t access your porn talk about crappy admins.  Here is what I would do.  Find a buddy who lives close to school.  Pay to hook up an Internet connection to their house and drop a WAP.  Charge all your buddies in school a weekly access fee to access unfiltered wireless Internet.  Rotate the key weekly (this keeps down the natural tendency in a school for the key to get passed around).  Simple!  Make money, access uncensored Internet, be legal, and well MOSTLY ethical.  This probably violates a few school rules so expect to be slapped down hard by THE MAN but at least you won’t get jail time for hacking a government computer system.

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      Clay Briggs

      “Plz hlp me!  No pr0n or Myspace!”

      Heh…. really?  Here?  Anyway… yeah…. no help from me.

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      Being able to “hack” through such simple restriction should be easy enough for you if you take the time to think about it.  I believe such a skill is paramount for anyone that claims to be a hacker.  There are governments that control what you can access, look at Iran or China.  No hacker is going to post how to do it. Think about why that is true.  You can discover it if you are serious and have some ability to stay with it. 

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      UNGH… another attempt to learn to bypass PROPER security measures, bu someone who wants to break rules…  Sorry, no help from me…  :-[

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