Hacking Retro

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     Todd Kendall 

    Bring out your disco ball, your leg warmers, and your VHS tapes!  While a lot of us watch the VH1 hit “I Love the 80s” for pop culture, I’m always dra
    [See the full article at: Hacking Retro]

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    Don’t tell me you were hacking in the 80’s. Phone phreak perhaps? The closest I came to anything like that was finding a dime in the coin return of a pay phone. I’ll take the leg warmers and the VHS tapes, but for me computers were BASIC programming, word processors, a free game with poor graphics, or a mainframe where my parents worked.
    Okay now, out with it. What was the secret to free phone calls, and how many times did you get arrested? : )

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