Hacking kept under wraps in Jefferson county schools-The Inside Story

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      DISCLAIMER: I have already been charged for my actions, so there is no reason to try and hunt me down and/or invade my personal life. Thank you.

      Hello, my name is Chaz Hazelett. In my sophomore year of high school at Arvada Senior High school I gained access to the schools intimate data…

      Arvada, Colorado-August 2007
      I had just came on to the idea of being a hacker, after I watched Swordfish. It appealed to me because of its apparent zeal, bragging rights, and adrenaline rush it all seemed I would receive from it. So I googled everything. Which only got me the basics. Then I read up on social engineering online as well.
      [align=center:2yk3oavl]This is how I did it…[/align:2yk3oavl]
      I hacked into Novell(network log-on agent) and modified my password at school. I then went to the school Tech and told him I was having problems logging on, he logged on to his account (I remembered the username) but I looked away politely as he typed his password. Then he opened an exel file containing all of the students assigned usernames and passwords. Exactly what I wanted him to do. I then utilized my social engineering further by falsely befriended him, and eventually got his email address. I sent him jokes/stupid videos/misc. with no viruses or malware to build his trust. I then sent a keylogger disguised as a music file, among others that were legitimate music files. I then received the log file by
      mailing the account I set up the codeword. I found his password. Now how to log on safely… I had no idea how to do it without being tracked, so I googled some more. I installed a remote access program on one of the computers in the science lab. Went home, connected to Tor, then the computer I put the R.A. program on, logged onto his profile, opened the excel file and printed it in the comfort of my own house. Then deleted my logs and disconnected. I went about school selling the info to people with grudges, you could delete all their school projects, and even use their lunch money. Then I got snitched out. Game Over for me. I got suspended for 5 days (the maximum at the time) and computer access restricted for a year. As well as being marked potentially dangerous, as I was recognized as a member of a secret society known as LVIO based at Arvada High, but thats another story. Fox News tried to get the story from me on my way home from school, but my father declined consent. No one else has known this information until now…

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      You have learned your lesson (or have you?)

      Now you know not to do things like that unless allowed to do so.

      I understand that you want to have fun with your skills(because i am also in school), so do I, but don’t do it in school and don’t harm people.

      keylogger are not as fun, try building vm and put some vulnerable software on it, and exploit it.

      I hope you don’t do something like this again, but if you want to continue then “have fun being a prison b*tch” (one of my friends told me that when i thought of something stupid).

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      @innocent wrote:

      I then sent a keylogger disguised as a music file, among others that were legitimate music files.

      How did you exactly disguise it? Change the icon or extension or something?

      You also mention something about bragging rights. Are you trying to brag here lol? I wouldn’t be too proud if I were you. Most hackers from what I know get caught because they decided to brag and tell everyone about it.

      Your disclaimer states you have already been charged for your actions and such. What did you learn from all of this?

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      Something feels fishy about this story…

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      Its fairly ridiculous, that’s why. Why anyone would care is beyond me…

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      Someone wants attention…  ’nuff said. 

      ‘innocent’…  Hope you learned your lesson.  The activity you described is NOT ethical, and therefore, unless there’s some moral to the story, or some other reason behind your post, except to look ‘cool,’ then please don’t post more of this nonsense.  This isn’t the place for it.

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      Seems as though he has quite the imagination for creating (or believing?) stories: http://blogs.myspace.com/daez9

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      A little more concentration on grammar, and he could have a decent fiction writing career ahead 😉

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      i guess my advice was wasted..  >:(

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      @pizza1337 wrote:

      i guess my advice was wasted..  >:(

      Nah, not at all.  You (or others) could pretend that the scenario is real and the real advice still applies.  Think positive!  😉

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      Lame. Everybody knows that you’re supposed to start these sorts of things with either “It was a dark and stormy night” or “Dear Penthouse letters, you’ll never believe what happened to me”  :-*

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