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      I have an application that allows me to create only 2 user accounts, but for my work I need much more. I’ve tried using proxy without any success.
      Apparently they use some sort of hardware identification (mac address, HDD serial number, etc…). Or they also could create some file at the time of installation.
      What are the possible ways to force the application think that this is a COMPLETELY different computer? Can you suggest some software that would track the requests to the OS and spoof the response? Or maybe a suitable virtualization software?
      I would really appreciate any help and I’m ready to offer a compensation for this work.
      Please contact me at e-mail: coallee80@gmail.com

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      It doesn’t sound like you have legit intentions, so don’t expect to receive any help.

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      Apparently people don’t notice the “Ethical” in front of “hacker” on the site.  Considering they don’t list the name of the application, is a good clue that it is for illegitament purposes.

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      Don Donzal

      Also doesn’t sound at all like hacktivism, much less ethical.

      Topic closed.


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