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      Hi to all,

      I am interested to learn to – hack routers. so,

      1. Is it possible to get the IP routing table, if yes then by which language i can achieve ?
      2. Is it possible to reach a remote router in the internet world, if yes then what are all required ?
      3. Is it possible to make a router keep on pinging to a server, to know it’s awake ?

      Thanks in advance to all out there.

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      Not enough information to go on.

      1. what kind of router, soho, small / medium office, large enterprise. Who made it? Was it configured to be manageable without using the console? Etc.

      2. This question makes no sense.

      3. See question 1, but ignore the management question.

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      Pretty much what Rattis said, but i’ll add that number 2 is going to depend on whether the device has remote administration enables on external interfaces, which any half competent engineer will have turned off. You want to only be able to manage network devices from a dedicated segregated vlan on the internal network. It is theoretically possible to allow remote administration via SSH but your likelihood of success is low, most routers get hit daily with numerous brute force attempts. Any engineer worth his salt has that locked down. Bests bet is to exploit vulnerabilities in network protocols or the services the router is running.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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