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      Hi Guys,

      I tried the GPEN practice exam and scored 90%. I have been preparing for the exam since feb. I actually found the questions pretty easy.

      How difficult is the actual exam compared to the practice exam. 

      I am giving myself 3 weeks of practice to brush up the topics that I found I am weak in. I hope this is enough.


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      There’s a review of it somewhere around here if you search. The actual exam is slightly more difficult and goes a little deeper than the practice exams. If you’re scoring a 90% on the practice, you should be okay on the actual.

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      With a 90% on the practice test you should be good to go on the actual exam.  I have found that the GIAC practice tests are a very good representation of what you can expect from the actual exam.  On the tests I have taken so far I scored with in a percentage point or two of my last practice test.  I do agree with BillV that the actual test is harder but I don’t think it is harder content as much as it is additional pressure because it is “for real”.  If you are still a bit concerned I would recommend reading and taking with you Ed Skoudis’s “Counter Hack Reloaded”.

      Ed wrote the GPEN course and this book is a great resource for anyone wanting to take the test.  Good Luck on the test!

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      Thanks…that makes me feel better about the exam. I have read Counter hack reloaded. I will do a quick review and mark relevant parts before taking it with me for the exam. Can I carry the SANS cheat sheets with me for the exam? I have some nice ones covering netcat, wmic etc.

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      That’s it, I am buying this book!
      I have heard too many good things about it!

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      You can bring anything you want that is printed/written on paper provided it collectively fits in a backpack.

      CHR is a must have!!!! I will admit that I have not read it cover to cover, but the parts I have read only add to SEC504 and I would imagine SEC560! Its a wonderful book!

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      HI staff,

      I am new @ the site as I need advice guys,
      I am almost finished SANS GPEN and I am going to start practice test. I take Course self study.
      I will take the actual exam within two weeks.
      in the actual exam, Does the questions are very different than practice test or practice test will support me confidence to pass the exam as the questions will be very similar to practice test. this exam make me nervous!!


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      The questions in the practice test are very representative of the real test. They are different, but representative.

      So if you score, let’s say, 90% in a practice exam, you should get at least 85% in the final exam.

      Good luck!

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