GPEN & GWAPT & GAWN or Bachelor degree?

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      I was speaking with my parents and they gave me an for me to finish my bachelors for 3 SANS certs.

      #1) I just started my NOC/ linux support by the end of next year I would have 15 months experience and maybe 3 SANS certs..

      #2) I could finish my bachelors

      What would you guys do?

      Could I get some type of info sec/ jr pentest gig with option 1?

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      I posted the the other forum also, but B.S. definitely

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      Yeah I saw, thanks again for the input.

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      You probably have already decided but I agree with the second choice, Bachelors.  It will help in the long run even though people argue the contrary. 

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      Bachelors.  Certs still come with time.  Not finishing your Bachelors would, IMHO, be something you’d regret, personally, over time, not only for possible missed career opportunities and opened doors, but out of simple personal experiences. 

      I can tell you that I have NO degree.  While it certainly hasn’t stopped me, there have been more times than I can count, where I wish I’d gone to college.  (Even now, sometimes, but that’s another, and much longer, story…)

      Once you have your degree, settle into a good position somewhere, and you can work on getting employers to help with costs for certs, and / or save for and get them yourselves.

      Good luck with your endeavors.

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      Another +1 to the Bachelors.  Although the SANS courses are enticing 😀  but go get a job that will pay for them and you win 😀  Ok that sounds too easy.  It took me like 10 years to get a job that would finally cough up the 4K for a SANS course, sadly it only lasted about 9 months since they outsourced us all, yeah even the Security engineer :p but got a SANS course, GIAC cert and an iPad out of the deal, not too bad.

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      Another +1 for Bachelors. As with diamonds, Bachelors degrees have no expiration. You always have time to take new certs.

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      Sorry if I made it sound like I wouldnt get my bachelors..if I choose the SANS route…I was just put my school on hold for a year (until I finished the 3 SANS certs) then continue with my bachelors…I was hoping 3 SANS certs and showing Im currently in school on my resume would maybe help me land a jr pentest job.

      thanks everyone for the feedback

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      I’m not sure that 3 SANS certs with no experience is going to make a big impression on a hiring manager. It may get you through the HR filters, but I think most hiring managers are going to ask you about it in the interview process.

      Neither is a bad way to go professionally. Education is never a bad thing whether its from a certifying body or an academic insitution.

      Personally, I’d get my college paid for so I could graduate with no debt. Then take the amount you would be paying to your student loan lender and save that toward your certifications. You’d be amazed how quickly you’ll save the money to get the certs. Plus, you won’t be overpaying because 95% of your payment is paying interest instead of principal!

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