Good Training for network defense?

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      Anyone kow of any good training courses for network defense? Anything that brings it all together? Ive been in courses that teach packet analysis, or ACLs’ or Intrusion Detection, but nothing that ties everything together. Anyone aware of any courses that run the gammut from Host based security, to network device security, to network defense, ect.?

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      Master Of Puppets

      I think you are already familiar with that but Cisco? IMHO, they do a good job of that and with a little side digging, it can be done.

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      I’m studying for the CCNA Security, its just SOO Much else is out there. For instance, they mention syslog servers, but dont cover it. So ideally, now I have to learn how to build a syslog server, figure out how to integrate it in ect.

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      The closest I’ve seen to what you’re asking for is SANS 501:

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