GIAC PENETRATION TESTER (GPEN) Certification Trainning

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      Hi All,

      Does anyone know trainning institute for GIAC PENETRATION TESTER (GPEN) Certification in chennai.

      I am Intersted  8)

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      Hi sant,

      Welcome to the Ethical Hacker Net!

      As far as  know SANS don’t have an institute near you. However you do have other options for taking the course.
      You can do the course OnDemand. If you do it this way, they will provide you with all the course material, and access to audio lectures. You also get a VPN connection to their lab. You also have email support from a mentor to answer any questions that you have. You will have access for six months to do the course in your own time.

      They also have an @Home option. This is similar to OnDemand except that you would have a live instructor via a VoIP type connection that allows you to directly interact with the instructor. However, as far as I know, these classes are delivered in the US East Cost evening time. So that might not be very suitable for you.

      SANS also stage events around the world so if you check their wen site they might just have one near you sometime…

      I tool the OnDemand option last year and I found it very good and would recommend it.

      I hope that this helps.


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      I recently completed this cert via @Sans Self Study. As mentioned already you are provided with all the materials and VPN access to the labs.

      The exam is proctored, however if you are unable to find a @Sans proctor in your area its not a problem. As all you need is to say your HR department to go through the Sans proctor process and your fine.The process is quite simple actually. They will need to sign some legal stuff and get familiar with the sans exam test engine.That’s the approach I took.

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      Hi to everyone
      I am a new entry on this forum.
      I would like to obtain this certification but sincerely i admit not to have clear idea how to begin.
      I don’t want to attempt a course in a classroom.
      Is it possible to self-study whit books referred by sans?

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      Hello Dazuco,

      Yes, you can pass the GPEN exams if you purchase the books SANS provides for the course. IF I was unable to attend a class, I would advice enrolling in the SANS Self Study which includes the books and MP3 of the class. As you  listen to the instructor on MP3 you can read and follow along in your book. All of the information on the test comes directly from the book your receive for SANS course.


      You could also look at the course objectives study the material instead of purchasing the book. In our forum several members challenged and passed the GPEN course without the SANS training material. I would search the forums to speak with those individuals. Below are the course objects for each tool and technique tested in the certification exam.

      I hope the information can help you. I recently completed the 504 course. The info I learned in 504 class will help me in the 560 class.


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      I would recommend the online training with vLive, taught by Ed Skoudis and John Strand, both of whom are fantastic. Here is the link.

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