GIAC GREM (Reverse Engineering Malware)

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      Has anyone here ever passed this cert? Or anyone have lowdown on the test?

      I am looking for some sample questions / practice exams.
      I want to see where I am based on my work experience.

      from what I read on SANS website, I have a feeling I may know a bit of the material based on my past work experience.

      I was looking at purchasing the SEC 610 course (SANS Reverse Engineering) but want to see if maybe I don’t need to (it is quite expensive).

      If there is a study guide or practice exams I’d love to see it.
      If I know enough then i’d only be looking at $899 for just the test (ouch!).
      But, that beats $2K+ and an additional $499 for the test!!

      Doesn’t seem to be much info about this test outside of SANS own site.

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      Funny you mention this certificate as I was today getting information about it while searching for certificates in the field of reverse engineering (only notable other one I have found is from IITAC which can be found at

      As I am very interested in reversing too I would also appreciate such sample questions or exams. The price is definetly not cheap :

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      I hear you man, its a lot $$$.
      I have a very limited budget (my own $$) and have been researching training & certs in the Reversing arena, not much out there & what is out there seems sort of iffy or really new.
      I’m also looking at some other certs, but this one is now high on my list 1st as it directly relates to my past work analyzing malware and I’d like to be certified if I do have the skills/experience.

      The SANS stuff seems to be very tight knit, limited 3rd party info & guidance.
      I don’t contest them wanting you to use there training materials to take the exams, but in this case, i would just like to see what they will specifically ask -> i.e. a practice test.
      This way I know if I really need the full training.
      I would hate to pay $2K+ only to find I already have most the needed info.
      But I don’t know if paying $899 & then potentially failing would be any less painful.
      At least if I got the training I have something to keep, and am almost assured of passing test.

      I saw the objectives and I think I am good with most of them, but I just don’t really know!
      Per there Challenge Exam option, it says:  “Many professionals have the experience to meet the certification objectives identified.”
      I definitely don’t know everything, but I did malware stuff professionally for a few yrs at a AV company.

      Funny now that I am switching jobs, I find that I feel like I don’t know anything.
      But then I see the cert objectives & say, I am pretty sure I know that!

      I saw, but I couldn’t get any info on them & looks like they’re not in the US.
      Looks cool but no idea?

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      Maybe you could send someone from SEC 610 course (SANS Reverse Engineering) directly an email and ask if they have any samples and explain them your situation. It would be nice to ask if it is possible to publish his/ her answer here as I would be also interested in the answer given.

      IITAC is not located in the US, thats true, but as you will do the work through internet access and offline at your computer it is no problem at all. 😉
      I have some friends who did their reversing courses (some only first, others all three) and depending on your previous knowledge it may be new or not (can’t tell that ;)) adn teach you lots of stuff.
      Two very knowledgeable people I know did all three courses with ease and were even a little “disappointed” about its difficulty, but those have 10+ years experience in professional reverse engineering. Others I know who did the first one really enjoyed it and learned much from it, although they had already some good knowledge in reversing.
      As far as I know the guy(s) behind IITAC seems to be also very nice and help as far as possible if you have any questions or problems.

      Unfortunately I can’t tell anything about the SANS course besides it looks very interesting.

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      Also I am very interested in this certification. For me it seems to be one of the most important in RE.

      It is true that they don’t give too much information about the exam but we can get an idea in

      About the IITAC I can give you a good reference. They are from Germany and they have their roots in The Reverse Code Engineering Community forum.

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      As far as self studying SANS exams it’s certainly not easy.  You can purchase the official SANS course material and study that.  (See the SANS Self-Study program)  Although  I can tell you that the Self Study program is also a little expensive.  Other then that you just have to pull as much information as you can from the course description and keep an eye on forums like this.  If you want to get practice tests (which I highly recommend) that is easy SANS/GIAC offer practice tests for $99 per test.

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      @quan991: Did you sent an email to them and asked for any examples or for some kind of excerpt? Or did anyone else?
      I am still very interested in this and would be happy on any further details.

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      I highly recommend volunteering to facilitate. 700.00 and some long hours buys you the course, audio files, ondemand bundle for 4 months after the conference, vpn access to labs for 4 months when applicable (gpen/gcih/etc) and the certification attempt with practice tests. Not to mention as a facilitator you will get more face time with SANS staff then as a normal conference attendee.

      Check out for more info

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      The SANS facilitate thing sounds definitely interesting to me but I am afraid SANS conferences are not near my place or at least in my country. 🙁

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