Getting Started – How to Get Into Hacking (as a hobby).

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      I recently talked to a man who is in fact a professional hacker (though he had a job title like network annalist, or network evaluator, or something).  I asked him how to get into hacking, and he told me that he was self taught on a lot of stuff.  He recommended this website to find resources to get started, but i really just don’t know where to start.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      How about you start with this thread?,com_smf/Itemid,54/topic,2262.0/

      A little information about your computer background would be conducive to pointing you in right direction.

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      I’m far from an expert, but it’s important to know first how computers and networks work.  What are the components of the operating system and how do they interact?  How is information transferred normally from Host A to Host B along a network cable or through the air?

      When you’re happy understanding how things work normally, it’s possible to work out how things can go wrong (or can be exploited) to allow someone (whether a pen tester or malicious hacker) to gain access.

      Apologies if you are well informed and have lots of certs and practical experience but you didn’t give any indication of your background.

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      I have very little experience with computers- or rather, i am alright at using a computer, and figuring things out, but i do not know the absolute basics of why stuff works, just that I can make it work (if that makes sense).

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      OK, I think you need to start by learning about how computers and networks work.  There’s no easy way, I’m afraid.  Of course, it’s possible to get a “recipe” to follow about how to access someone’s PC or network (with their prior consent), but whether it works or not depends upon so many things … firewall, Operating System and application patches etc.  Folks who use such “recipes” without knowing WHAT’S happening and WHY are often referred to as “skiddies”.

      If “hacking” (or penetration testing) were easy, everyone would be doing it and there wouldn’t be any need for complex, expensive courses to teach how to do it!

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      Ash Chole

      If you are interested in this as just a hobby you may want to start by getting a Sec+ book from Amazon or somewhere. Then study some Net+/CCNA stuff. By the time you are done with these two things you will have a good understanding of how networks work and how they are affected by outside things and should have a good idea what you need to do next.

      You could also look at your local Community College for these same classes. I am currently enrolled in a 4 year university for Information Security as well as Information Technology. But there are not many 4 year schools that offer IT/IS stuff and Comm. Coll. is cheaper if you just want to learn.

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      I would recommend something like Network+ to begin with. Unless you are also interested in hardware as well then I would begin with A+ and then Network+ from Comptia.

      Then I would suggest progressing to CCNA. Networking is so fundamental to so many computer system stuff now that I am surprised day in and day out how many people who work in IT don’t know anything about networking.

      Once you have sufficient networking skills I would suggest learning about linux. If you want to pentest you need to know your way around linux. I did RHCT for linux and I really recommend it but it is pricey.

      Then I suggest dabbling into a bit about programming and scripting and windows software. At this point you don’t need to be a masterful programmer. You just need to know the basics so that you can construct your own scripts and be able to read code and figure out how an exploit works.

      Then at this point I suggest really getting into the basics of pen testing and there are a lot of excellent courses out there.

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      Since you are approaching this as a hobby, rather than buying any books you could just go to your local library.  First, learn about networking, someone mentioned the CompTIA Network +, that is a good start into learning about TCP/IP the strength and biggest weakness of computers.  A lot of “hacks” are exploiting knowledge of how TCP/IP works.  You can then get into the CompTIA Security + books, which will teach you basic security concepts, from there you can get into some of the more heavier material like EC-Councils Certified Ethical Hacker which will bring together TCP/IP, networking, and security concepts into a framework on how to perform penetration testing (ethical hacking) using the actual methodology and tools that “hackers” use.  There is no quick fix or magic bullet for learning.  You can also look up computer users groups, security groups (ISSA, INFRAGARD, OWASP) , OS user groups in your areas (LUG, WUG) .  Another good tool for learning is setting up your own lab to test, because you should NEVER access a system you do not have authorization to access.

      I hope this helps.

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