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      Matthew Gothers

      Hey folks,
      My wife is getting out of the Military, has extensive work in OSINT, is finishing a masters in Cyber Security. Any advice on how she can break into the business making use of her OSINT background ??
      Thanks for any thoughts on how to help guide her.

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      Hi Matt,
      It seems like your wife is well on her way. I am finishing up my Masters in Cyber Security as well (3 more classes). I think the OSINT background will help, but issue is what career path she wants to take. Threat intelligence is where OSINT come into play, and there are many jobs looking for that in this area. I am in Prince William County Virginia. I went to a BSides NoVa conference and asked an OSINT background Threat Intellegence Consultant about getting into the field and she said “Know your sh**!” On a more practical level a clearance is a significant hurdle in this area. Have clearance will travel. It seems like a husband who is a Senior Engineer at Palo Alto Networks could not hurt. Your Bio shows a Security + certification. That could help her as well. I have my CISSP, and I would recommend the effort.
      You Bio also mentioned Pen Testing. The Pen Testing course I took with the Master’s program was thorough but basic. I am Demoing SEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking for free at SANS. I have a month to get through the demo, and I have bought some books to go along with it (Compuer Systems, a Programers Perspective, R.Bryant and D. O’Hallaron, C Programming Language, 2nd Edition, Brian W. Kernighan and Programming Language Pragmatics, by Michael L. Scott.
      The books are to develop a solid foundation in programming. Much of the info so far is similar to stuff I learned for the CISSP, but it has a programmer’s focus, and the Advanced Penetration course I mentioned requires this understanding at a minimum.

      I looked into the GXPN certification because jobs boards highly rate the SANS certifications. I am doing a self-study demo because they cost $6,0000 and student loans don’t cover it. The GXPN is one of the top certs, but I prefer to aim high, and the coursework so far is easy enough to follow. The issue is to run with it yourself, and I’m not there yet.

      I wish you and your wife all the best.


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