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      Hi all, i need some advice please to know about get a lot information based an Ip public, cause
      honestly for this time to trace some information about ip public i just used some website which
      provide trace IP address, what i need to know is to get more information than just location or name ISP from that IP Public.

      Thanks and sorry i’m still beginner on network security. ^^

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      The site does a good job at finding some of the basic info for you. I would also check, or one of the other regional internet registries (RIR) if it outside of North America.

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      Thanks for the reply, but i also need to know what about if some ip public caught in my log router
      (want to access my router)what the first think i must to do to trace back that IP public cause if
      i use like it just show information about the ISP or should i
      report to that ISP about that happen to get more information about the attacker/intruder.

      Thank’s a lot. ^^ 

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      I think the language barrier may be getting in our way here, I hope I am answering your questions.

      1. What kind of router is it? If it is a home router it probably isn’t going to have any logs. If it is an enterprise class router, we may be able to help; if you tell us what brand it is we may be able to give you some commands to run.

      2. is only going to give YOUR ip address. It won’t help trace down an IP Address of someone else.

      3. If you had a computer that was attacked you will need to do a little work to figure out how since my guess is that you were attacked when you went to a malicious website. If that is the case then your ISP isn’t going to be of any real help. If it was not a client side attack, then your ISP might be able to help.

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      Thank’s for your quick reply, i will exlain something,
        1. i use Microtic router os to test out some network method and it have logs to view any
            change on router system.
        2. i think can trace down another ip public not just our ip public cause
            in lookup ip address thereis a textbox that we can input another IP public.

      Thank’s anyway for your reply ^^.

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      Don Donzal

      As you mention, chances are great that you’ll get an ISP since most users both in homes and organizations get their public IP addresses from an ISP. When you look up the offending IP in something like:

      – AfriNIC (Africa)
      – APNIC (Asia Pacific region)
      – ARIN (North America, a portion of the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa)
      – LACNIC (Latin American and Caribbean region)
      – RIPE (Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia)

      You’ll get the contact info for the ISP giving out one of their many public IPs to the attacker. Good thing is that most ISPs not only give their contact info to the above agnecies but some also give a specific email address for reporting fraud or abuse. As an example (and I won’t give out your IP), your ISP has the following info:

      person:      hendro prabowo
      nic-hdl:      HP95-AP
      address:      Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
      address:      Jakarta , 12190
      phone:        +62-021-5150000
      fax-no:      +62-021-5150006
      country:      ID
      changed: 20040419
      changed: 20040813

      So I would contact them with anything you feel may be bad.

      Hope that helps,

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      Feeling dumb, I had no idea that allowed you to lookup someone else. Sounds like is a misnomer.

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      Thank’s a lot guys for your replies, so the conclusion i got from this thread is i must report
      to ISP support for this happen again.

      Thank’s again for timmedin and don, you guys give me a great help.

      nubie ^^

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      just came accross this site also:

      may provide some additional info, perhaps not.

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