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      I currently have the slides for version 3Q06 – copyright 2006 of the sec504 course. I also have counter hack reloaded second edition copyright (2006).

      Will these items be sufficient study material to take the GCIH? I have CCNA, security+, some juniper networks certs, and some IAM/IEM stuff and have recently taken the CISSP. I’m currently waiting for the results from the CISSP so figured I would go ahead and knock out the GCIH. I can’t bring myself to pay $3,000 dollars for the GCIH on-demand material and I’m not in the states to take one or volunteer for one of the sans classes.

      Leaving me with? My current circa 2006 slide deck. Is it reasonable to study this material and the counter hack reloaded book and expect it to be sufficient for the exam?

      Thus far Day one of these slides seems like a waste of a day 1, meaning I wouldn’t expect to mark any of these pages for reference during the test. If the exam is going to be netcat, nmap, nessus, network recon, and vulnerability analysis have those things ever changed? We still use pretty much the same tools as 5 years ago, maybe snort signatures, and virus tools have gotten smarter, but I feel like same rules apply today as they did in 2006.

      I have six years of direct network security experience and a bachelors degree in network security, so I’m not trying to randomly cram for some Microsoft test I’ve never seen before, I’m just keeping myself occupied while being ultra-bored at work.


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      I won’t ask where the slides came from but if you procured them from anywhere but SANS directly you may be in troubled water (they are non-transferable licenses for the original owner/user)…but 2006 slide deck is getting long in the tooth.  There would be a lot of newer information as the course has been retooled at least twice in that time span.  It is not too difficult of a test, though.  I took the class in 2007 and the test a couple of years later and passed with no problem.

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      Counter hack reloaded should suit you fine. if that material isnt “disallowed” that should help i would make sure you look at the missed questions on your practice test though.

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