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      I recently passed the GAWN exam (with a score that’s lower than what I had hoped for, but oh well…).  I have one unused practice exam left which expires 4/25/13.  Normally I offer these away on another forum but since there’s not much interest over there, I figure someone here would want it.

      Usually I put up a small quiz or challenge question for it, but I’m too tired right now to come up with ideas.  Suggestions?  Or if there’s enough interest I can just randomly choose.

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      Congrats on the pass! GAWN seems like it would be one of the more difficult exams since it appears to cover a lot of low-level material (pcaps, etc.). The breadth of 802.11x, Bluetooth, etc. would also be challenging. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

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      I guess in some ways it’s supposed to be one of the more difficult SANS offerings since it’s a 600-series, but that said I already had some experience looking at wireless captures, working with 802.1X, etc., so not getting at least a 90% on the exam is pretty lame, although I came close.  I got my OWSP a while back so you’d figure I’d have some decent base to work off of, but I think it’s my general lack of immediate interest in DECT and ZigBee that got the better of me.

      I spent an entire quarter going through SEC-617 (OnDemand) but the work schedule didn’t really permit me to keep my head in the game.  I don’t have a good excuse other than that.

      But I can go back to work and have a better approach on doing a more complete wireless assessment than I would have if I didn’t take 617.  That said, there’s a lot of parallels between Hacking Exposed: Wireless and 617, obviously due to the author being the same.

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