Gamification of EH-Net?

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      Don Donzal

      Hey All,

      As I’m sure many of you have noticed, we added a ton of new pieces to the EH-Net puzzle. To help promote the sense of being helpful to all who come here in their infosec careers (our hallmark), we definitely felt it was important to increase the community / social aspects. We’ve also asked for feedback during this soft launch. A few have asked about gamification, so I thought I’d share our thought process on this and get your feedback.

      We had many discussions on this internally. My initial thoughts were that it would be crucial to quickly increase adoption. On the other hand, cyber security is not for the faint of heart, and it attracts a very intelligent type of person. My experience in other such projects showed me that a highly technical audience doesn’t need these types of ‘tricks’ to participate or see the value of contributing. Then again, it’s human nature to compete and be on the top of any list. So as a start, we felt it was better to limit it drastically and work it into the flow of the site. One such example is submitting “Community Articles” where everyone has their own blog, all visitors can see your content and your post can possibly be promoted to the front page next to our big name writers.

      This way we don’t belittle our smart readership by ‘giving little Johnny a gold star for his first post’, as I felt it would be with badges and constant email notifications of simple task completion. We felt that you’re better than that.

      On the other hand, it might help us figure out who are the top contributors overall and in specific topic areas. So maybe it’s good to reward points but not institute death by a 1000 badges. Plus, the social features already trigger emails automatically (BTW – sorry for those old members that got several emails when we launched and when old members join the new site). So again, here’s another example of working it into the site with the extended profiles with lots of stats to show how active someone is, how many friends they have, groups they belong to, etc.

      Another area of conversation was that most systems we could implement would not go back in time. So all old contributions would not be tallied unless added manually (waaaay too much effort).

      So this was the dilemma. To gamify or not to gamify. And if so, how and to what extent?

      What you see on the site now is what we thought was a nice middle ground. What are your thoughts? Did we make a prudent decision?


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