Fyodor Explains TCP DOS attack

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      I thought that this was a great explanation.  We don’t know for sure what what Robert E Lee is going to say about the vulnerability, but this is good reading none the less.


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      I agree it is good reading.  If you go down to the FAQ’s under Fyodor’s explanation there is a link to Robert Lee’s response.


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      Agreed this is a good article that goes beyond the media circus of ‘Oh noes, the sky is falling’. I’m just waiting to see if there is any real impact from the findings once they release full details.

      Think BillV beat you to the punch though….

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      Definitely a good article.  I am not sure that I understand why this is so huge though.  It seems like the same DOS attacks that have been around for a while.  Isn’t it still a battle of who has more resources and bandwidth? 

      I would imagine you can easily use a firewall rule or an IDS rule to limit the number of connections coming from a particular IP address, right?  Even in a DDOS scenario, you would still have an unusually high number of connections from each IP address involved, right? 

Viewing 3 reply threads
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