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      Hey, I’ve been hearing quite a bit about fuzzers and their potential.  I’ve heard some good things about a fuzzer called SPIKE but I can’t seem to find that much documentation on it.

      Also, I’ve been looking for something to try it out on but I can’t seem to think of anyway to get some decent practice/experience with it.  Can I get some ideas or advice or something, something simple to practice on for the first time would be wonderful.

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      like most things from immunity is there no documentation.  the fuzzing book has a good chapter on using spike though.  you can start there.

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      Is this the book you were talking about? “Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery”

      Would you recommend it?

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      here is my book review for it


      its really good on talking about why you would build a type of fuzzer to find a type of vuln, not so much on taking you vulnerability to EIP=41414141 via fuzzing.

      hope that helps

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      Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I came across the thread via google just before hitting pay-dirt so thought I’d share the fortune.

      TechTarget have a sample of the “Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery” book, which just happens to be the chapter on Fuzzing Frameworks 😀

      I haven’t had a chance to read the chapter yet, but for those wanting some additional bed-time reading take a look here

Viewing 4 reply threads
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