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      I was bored earlier in the week and was on a conference call so I began messing around with the web interface of one of the conference phones I have. Lo and behold, stupidity ensued

      Enjoy the 4 minute walkthrough. Sent the vendor a quick email, but alas fell on deaf ears. *shrugs* If you have to ask what can you do against this in a test environment, I suggest you read the PTES and OSSTMM documentation over and over again. Title explained the gist of it though

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      Nicely done, and thx for the vid 🙂

      What track is that playing during the vid?

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      Vinny Paz “Death Messiah 2012”

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      I’m going to have to check out more of this Vinny Paz, thanks!

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      Very interesting.

      I imagine that because you already are the admin, you knew the profile, and all the other data sent when you authenticate as admin.

      I hope that they’ll fix it as soon as possible, but event if they’ll provide a firmware upgrade, some users very rarely are updating their VoIP devices. For them they are Black Box devices they don’t touch. I saw some SLAs where the vendor said that if the customer will touch the device the warranty will be void. Probably a temporary bandage will be to put them in a separate VLAN, but this is tricky and if not properly done will create a false sense of protection.

      Thanks for the video!

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      Nice track and nice video.

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