Full Disk Encryption – Which solution do you prefer?

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      I need to implement full disk encryption for traveling laptops.  I would need Windows, Mac, and Linux support.  I also need an enterprise key management system that would allow me to recover lost and deleted keys.  Otherwise, I am pretty flexible but would prefer something not too bloated.    If I didn’t need the enterprise key management feature, I would have already gone with Truecrypt 🙂

      What do you guys use?  Do you have any recommendation for a particular solution?  Are there any I should stay away from?  Do you prefer PGP, PointSec, others?


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      When I first saw the name of the post, I was wondering why you hadn’t just decided on truecrypt.  I suppose the key management features in truecrypt are lacking.  I have only used it for personal use and in an environment where key management wasn’t an issue.  I figured someone had written a commercial key management “plugin” or something for TC by now, but google confirms that I am wrong.

      Any investors out there???

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      When I looked into this about 2 years ago, the Senior Engineer (I’ve replaced him) and I were for PGP. The company however didn’t want to spend the money.

      One thing that was suggested, I think by the Director, was since they’re company Laptops, was to use TC, but all the systems have the same passphrase.

      In the end, we still haven’t done it. And might use bit locker in the future. (not my choice).

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      i’d say go for truecrypt, being an open source supporter and all. At work we use SafeBoot, which comes with McAfee i believe. i dont know if it supports mac and linux as well, but i’m pretty happy with it.

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      Money not a problem? Checkpoint.

      Enterprise support? Check (for management’s peace of mind)
      Multiplatform compatible? Check (for ease of deployment)
      Centralised management facility? Check (for your piece of mind)
      Lots of information on the net to research pros and cons? Check (so you can find out wtf you are buying beforehand)

      I don’t work for Checkpoint nor normally bother to endorse their products.

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      Take a look at PGP Universal. It meets all of your needs as far as management and platform support. We use it at work and it works well. Pretty much the best that is out there for mulitplatform support.

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      We use McAfee’s Endpoint Encryption and are a Windows shop.  You can rule this solution out since it doesn’t support Mac or Linux.


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