FSU 2013 Offensive Security Course

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    Noted that someone, on Offensive Security’s forums, posted a link to Florida State’s Spring 2013 Offensive Security (not associated with THE Offensive Security) course and materials. Haven’t watched much, yet, but thought I’d share it out, for anyone who might find some useful (FREE) training info:


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    Thanks for the link.

    The direct link to access the videos from the course is here:


    Some of the videos are highly informative, and the course seems to cover a vast array of Penetration Testing, include exploit development, exploitation and post exploitation, web attacking, network based attacking, social engineering, as well as fundimental information about Linux and Windows.

    This is going to be my next course to go to after I complete the SANS560 – as not only are there videos on the site, but ‘assignments’ for you to complete as well.

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    Bit of a shame that the Dropbox share has been disabled for too much traffic. The YouTube videos aren’t too bad though. I started off with the reverse engineering videos. Good stuff.

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    Yeah, so far, it’s been decent stuff, although you can tell the one instructor is fairly new to teaching. Can ‘hear’ the newness in him. 😉

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    I’ll be seeing Owen tomorrow. I will see if I can convince him to share a torrent for the videos and let him know you guys are interested.

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    Wow that’s great. 🙂 I’m sure a lot of us here would appreciate it.

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     Don Donzal 

    Yes, it would be very appreciated by the EH-Net Community. If they need help with hosting, I’m sure I can lend a hand.


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