From Dev to Infosec – Making Friends

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     Rey Bango 

    Whenever you enter a new community, the hardest part is always finding your way around and making friends. With InfoSec, it’s analogous to being dropp
    [See the full article at: From Dev to Infosec – Making Friends]

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    Hi Rey,

    I have had some similar experiences to the ones you describe in your article. I am obviously a little more open then your average InfoSec guy, but I have also found that InfoSec people generally want to help, and your description of the mentor relationship is right on.
    You are very insightful. I think your final comments about the correlative effects of demonstrating respect, support and caring for the community can be widely applied, but are particularly true in InfoSec.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next article.

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     Isabel Jason 


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    Hello, is this Part II from Dev to InfoSec?

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       Don Donzal 

      Correct. We thought about skipping the numbering but keeping the format of having the main title and a sub-title for the next articles in the series. However, looks like we’re going back to numbering.

      Check out Part 3 in Rey’s personal blog: From Dev to InfoSec Part 3 – My First Cert

      Since EH-Net was acquired by eLS, we didn’t want this to seem self-serving.

      Stay tuned for Part 4 on Buffer Overflows making Rey’s brain hurt! It’s being editing now. Should be out this week.


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     Don Donzal 

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