Free Ticket to ChicagoCon 2009s May 8 – 9 with Pink Slip

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      Don Donzal

      This site is all about helping people with their careers, and so is ChicagoCon. Everyone is going through a tough time right now, especially those who have been laid off recently. So how about this as our little way of helping?

      Free Ticket to ChicagoCon May 8 – 9 if you’ve been laid off. 2 stipulations:

      1. Provide some kind of proof of termination
      2. You fly, I buy. IE – You comply with #1 and can get to Chi-town, I’ll have a ticket waiting for you.

      Contact me directly via – questions at chicagocon . com


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      Don, this is incredible cool!

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      Sweet, just saw the email about this too. Very cool idea, Don! Hopefully it helps get some people there and making some connections.

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      Very nice Don, almost worth getting laid off for. 😀

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      That is simply awesome Don!  You are definitely an asset to the community.

      Funny enough, I quit my job shortly before ChicagoCon 2008 (which I attended) and I am still not working.

      I will see you this weekend.  I am paying though  😀

Viewing 4 reply threads
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