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      I just wanted to post a weekend read that I personally found interesting!

      ISM Whitepaper: Cyber Risk in Critical National Infrastructure (
      In the realm of cyber security, threats are treated in isolation, analysed in separation from the actor behind the attack, or the cyber weapon that is utilised in the incident. This may have been because of a lack of resources and skills, or it may be because organisations do not see how the identity of the actor affects their tactical choices in deploying its defence, unless the attack was perpetrated internally.

      I hope you like it, feel free to email me at if you want to avoid the download form and just get the file directly.

      Thanks, have a great weekend!


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      Don Donzal

      Hey Johanna,

      Interesting how you found this ‘personally interesting’ and you just so happen to have the same email address as the sponsoring company for the whitepaper.

      I must say that I do appreciate you offering to give the file directly without filling out the form, but many security people will find that phishy.

      No judgment, just observations. 😉


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      Thanks for info.

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