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    Got a new batch of invites for anyone who wants em here: O0

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    How do we get the invite from signing up here on the forums?

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       Don Donzal 

      Becoming a member on EH-Net should have triggered an automated email with instructions on how to redeem the Barebones Edition of PTS. Just to make sure, did you check your spam folder?

      Note: Although this is an old thread, this is regarding a current promotion (check the date on this reply).


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    Hey Don I have been forwarding a lot of people to the community and many of them have said they are not getting the email :/ hopefully this gets resolve as since I promote it on my LinkedIn(11K connections) and in my meetups heavily. I have had numerous reports from several that they don’t get the email to join PTS.

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     Don Donzal 

    Thanks for helping spread the word!

    The tech team knows about it. Having a hard time nailing this down as most get the email notification but some don’t. Not sure what the pattern is.

    Either way, if anyone is having an issue, please contact “team at ethical hacker dot net”, and I’ll follow through on this personally.


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    hey, I just register but I didn’t receive the email with the instructions to get the PTS free course maybe someone knows how to get it ?

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     Don Donzal 

    Registering on EH-Net triggers an automated email regarding the Free PTS. I’ve dealt with this issue several times, and often it’s as simple as it being in your spam folder. Sometimes a filter on the email server blocks it, too, and you won’t see it on your client (depending on how you access your email).

    If this doesn’t work, we have some other means to handle it internally. So please use the envelope icon on every page on EH-Net to contact us. We’ll handle it as quickly as we can.

    Thanks in advance for your patience,

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