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      Im finishing my undergraduates in two semesters…one of my very last electives is a class I chose. Forensics Programming…this thing sounds super exciting. Anyone have any experience in Forensic Programming?

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      Honestly i’ve never heard of it. The vast majority of the results i’m seeing are in relation to school, so i’m not sure how much it will be used in the field… Sorry.

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      I found what the course was about. Thanks for the reply though :-).
      Here is the course description:

      Students learn to develop and apply software tools and technologies to assist with the recovery, preservation, analysis and presentation of computer code and digital evidence. Topics include log file and registry parsing, analysis of memory and core dumps, assembly language, machine code, and stack analysis. Theory/Lab

      I’m assuming this is beyond basic encase and ftk since all that was covered in previous electives and this a higher elective.

      After speaking to other graduates it sounds like we will be doing: writing our own forensic programs and scripts to help automate the forensic process as well as integrating our scripts and programs into forensic investigations. A lot of what my school does is based around Tulsa University program wants. We feed a lot of kids into the masters program. Dr. Shenoi is a genius.

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      If you’re interested in this type of thing, you should acquaint yourself with the Volatility Framework as well (if you’re not already familiar with it). Andrew Case regularly speaks about it at cons, so be sure to also dig up some of those videos. Aside from being an awesome tool in general, it’s all open source, so you can really learn a lot by just digging through the code.

      Also check out Violent Python (my review here) and SecurityTube’s Python course. Those are fantastic resources that will bolster your Python skills and also specifically touch on some forensics topics.

      Good luck with the course.

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      Yeah I have already done security tube python. It was a fantastic course. Violent python I have a copy, it is good too. But it seems a lot of the python books out there just essentially do the same thing as the last python book or course.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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