First Thing to do if some ip/mac address act suspicious ?

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      Hi all, need advise please  :), this afternoon when i bypass one pc to connect
      to internet just to update antivirus in a minute my router got disconnected
      and when i try to ping router local ip address it can’t always RTO, i try to connect the router just use cross cable from my pc and i realize the pc that i just bypass to internet use some bandwith so i disable it again and i try to reboot my router again and it’s clear, my question is what the first thing i must to do to that pc (although when i bypass that pc with a limited bandwith), what is i must to check cause before i bypass that pc to internet i’ve just scanned that pc using antivirus with a two days ago file update and it
      got 1 virus.

      Is necessary if i try to install some malware scanner ???

      Thanks a lot for your help.  🙂

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