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      hi, which firewalls are th most popular in these days? And wich ports are they excuted to? Whre can i learn more about this topic?

      thanks for your help ;).

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      I have been thinking about this a lot (you will find out more later 🙂 ).

      As usual it all depends on what you are trying to do.  If you are worried about your connection to the Internet then consider a DSL/Cable Router/Firewall some new versions even have VPN so you can remote into your home network and have secure, trusted, Internet access (great for travel).  If you are thinking a bit more robust then you might consider Gentoo which is Linux or pfSense which is BSD.  With the Gentoo you will be doing a lot of command line configuring.  pfSense has console configure and a web interface and a lot of great looking services.  I have just started looking into deploying this but I hear it is great and easy to use.

      As to host based you should look at the information provided in this leak test: to help you make your decision.

      I hope that helps,

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