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    I read a CNN article about a girl who was blackmailed to the point of suicide.

    My request is that you find the person who did the blackmailing. I am not asking you to break any laws to do it. This is a sad story, and i know that there are those here who have the ability to find this guy. Unless he’s very good at hiding his online presence. Once you find him i suggest you report him to authorities. You can do this creatively, but again try and keep it legal.


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    This isn’t 4chan…

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    @ajohnson wrote:

    This isn’t 4chan…

    Ironically, I wouldn’t be surprised if the person who did it is from 4chan.

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    I’m sure there’s good and bad, like any large community. I was referring specifically to the semi-regular vigilante justice acts like this:

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    Not from 4chan, and not requesting for any death threats. Wasn’t aware of the 4chan vigilante human flesh search engine. I requested non-vigilante assistance for the girl who killed herself due to depression.

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    I saw the following article about this today:

    “The internet vigilantes: Anonymous outs man, 32, ‘who drove girl, 15, to suicide by spreading topless photos of her'”

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    Guess you got your wish. Hopefully Anonymous didn’t finger the wrong guy.

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    There are good people in law enforcement who are capable of conducting an investigation of this sort. What’s more they have powers to gather ISP logs and other information with a warrant to discover the identity of the culprit.

    This is a sad tale but taking upon yourself (or expecting it from another) to investigate this type of incident may be counter-productive and potentially harmful. If evidence is tampered with e.g. unauthorised access to a mail account then the proper judicial process can be put at risk. Legal questions such as what laws have been broken arise and there’s often not a good, tested answer at this time.

    I share your feelings but this is not a road I suggest we go down. The only exception to this would be in the case of investigative journalism or a privately contracted investigator. Both should be aware of the law and how to conduct an investigation with a view to handing it over to law enforcement if need be.

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