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      Hello everybody :

      I’m a student in the 3rd year of a bachelor degree called: professional engineering degree in system , networks, security , in the class we just began the modules of cybersecurity and ehtical hacking , until now we re studying comptia security + , then later we will study others subjects related to the same topics .

      as a student i have knowleges in different subjects :programming languages(java , python ,c , javascript) , mark up languages(html , css ) ,microsoft sql server , networking , operating systems (linux (redhat , ubuntu) , windows server ) .

      as a person exploring the cybersecurity and ethical hacking fields, i want to know what are the bests fields of cybersecurity and ethical hacking? what are the best way to study penetration testing ?and finally for my final degree project , i want to know if is it possible to combine fortigate(forttinet) and penetration testing in the same project ?

      kind regards

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      Don Donzal

      There’s a lot in this post, so I’ll just try to jump right in.

      First thought that came to mind is that you have a good foundation of knowledge. You’re covering all of the bases. So the next step is to get more experience in each. Start with a home lab. Setting up all of these different technologies gives you practical hands-on experience. So solidify it more.

      Next would be to get the knowledge you need in cyber security. Not sure in which direction you plan to go, but a good start would be the free PTS course you received when you registered here on EH-Net. Then upgrade from the Barebone Edition to Elite for a very inexpensive practical, hands-on course AND cert.

      Next would be to get additional training in the direction you find interesting. It could end up being more general than security, or specific areas of ethical hacking like network pentesting, webapp pentesting, incident response, etc. If you need more practice before deciding on a career path or just before you plop down good money on additional training & certs, then try some of the free content on site like VulnHub,, TryHackMe, etc. as well as some CTFs.

      Then it’s up to you where you go based on what excites you. I would wait until you get some of this under your belt before deciding on a Sr Project. You still time, and your mind might change based on what you learn / like.

      Hope that helps,

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