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      Could anyone please spare some time to help on a feature I need for my new website?

      I have created the site *and paid for hosting etc etc), made graphical animations and stuff in Fireworks and Flash, and made pretty much the whole site so far with Dreamweaver. Made all the payments pages etc implementing paypal etc etc… and considering I had never even used any of the software or made a website before, I have done amazingly well!

      im just having an issue making an upload tool for customers to send me their files… I know the normal PHPUpload type of tools, BUT they are too dangerous, and way too basic… i need to be able to define different parameters that i can set depending on which landing page PayPal sends them to…

      this is what i need help with:

      1- Uploading feature (have been trying PHP and failing badly, maybe JS would be better?)

      the amount of files to upload at once, because it would be a nightmare having to upload 100 files individually(problems i’m having with the copy/paste of the readily available PHP scripts out there). but the quantity set by me, depending on what page they end up on. after payment. i.e.

      “max_filestoupload = 5
      min_filestoupload = 5″


      “max_filestoupload = 100
      min_filestoupload = 80″

      set the indidual file size cap i.e.
      min_filesize = 0.4MB
      max_filesize = 20MB
      but those values per file, not all combined added together…

      have their files saved to a unique folder on the server per person. i.e. have it automatically create folder names for each person for example:

      uploadsfolder/06JAN011 – Mr D Edwards – address)/
      uploadsfolder/07JAN011 – Mr G Garmin –
      uploadsfolder/07JAN011 – Mrs S Stevens –

      2- Have a download feature…

      so i can just send them a link in an email that they can click on, and it will offer them to save the pictures or ZIP etc from their above “uploaded to folder”, to their PC in a directory of their choice i.e. “desktop/pictures” etc..

      3- Make sure no one can end up on the landing page after the paypal checkout has completed… i.e. people not being able to direct link to the upload page!!! only being able to get there after the payment has completed… im not after a “members” area type of page, just a one time access after payment… so once they click “upload my photos” and if it was successful, they or anyone else cannot ever access that page unless they pay for more lol..
      (on paypal you get a “payment completed landing page” and a “payment denied” landing page, its just that i only want people to be able to access the “payment completed” page when they have paid, not by cheating like you could in the old days)..

      Juts to elaborate a bit more, I dont need the pafes making, or anything to do with the site, JUST the tool, and some basic instructions how to implement it… I can’t really pay, BUT I have been in graphical design for 3 years, so could maybe make a logo 3D or do some graphical features for something for you???

      I have skype, msn etc if it’s needed….

      and many many many thanks!!! so very very much appreciated! 

      You dont realise how much will help… I cant afford to pay for the programmer to do it, so I’m appealing to the people that enjoy this or can help a dying cause lol…  I am a learning programmer, have written a couple of silly basic programs in VB lol.. not exactly world changing, but good fun!

      Thanks again…

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      Don’t know if it’s still out there or not as it’s a few years since I last used it in anger but look up coppermine –

      It’s a php based photo gallery with a fairly active development team.  Check out their site as there are a number of boltons to it that may do what you need. If there’s not anything there and you can’t modify the existing code yourself to do what you want then get onto their forums

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