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      Can you pls. suggest which is better of the 2 OS’s – Fedora / Ubuntu. Easy in terms of patches easily available, many s/w’s compliant, etc.

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      Personally I like the debian/ubuntu aptitude better then the rpm package manager/up2date. It seems to do better with dependencies. I think in terms of support they are both equal right now, but thats only because ubuntu is the fad distro right now. I think several years down the road the support will decline, whereas fedora will still be there. Either way, I think you can’t go wrong with either of them. I like CentOS better then Fedora though, because its got the exact same binaries as RHEL which is usually the linux that you find in the workplace.

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      Don Donzal

      It also depends on whether you are a cutting edge tech guy or want something that’s been around a little longer for (possibly) more stability. The Fedora Project is known for throwing in everythin but the kitchen sink and upgrades versions on a very rapid pace. In fact, the new version comes out very soon:


      Debian is deliberate in their moves, because the have stability in mind. That’s not to say the Fedora is unstable. I was very impressed with the current version 5 and its interoperability with a Windows env.

      But I do agree with oleDB. Red Hat isn’t going anywhere.

      Hope this helps,

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      I find it also depends what you are going to use as a host for your OS.  If you are using a laptop then Fedora would not be my first choice. Ubuntu would be a much better choice.
      Fedora has had problems with DMA being enabled on a number of laptops and rebuilding the kernel does not help.  I find its better to have a little stability in your kernel rather than have everything get wacked out because you just downloaded all the latest Fedora beta updates.  Remember, Fedora is a beta testing ground for the Red Hat developers and that’s why its free.  Its like working with beta versions of windows when they first come up like vista, but usually not that bad.  So I would say for a hacker, unless you are really adept with Linux, you might want to stay away from Fedora.

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