experiences on: advanced indicent hanling @ CMU???

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      has anyone taken the advanced incident handling training @ carnegie mellon university SEI Institute? -> http://www.sei.cmu.edu/training/P23B.cfm

      all my colleagues attended SANS and certified as a GCIH. I am looking for some alternatives and die CMU SEI training sounds really interesting and like a hands on, szenario based course …

      any experiences which you can share to help me decide, where to go?! 😉

      thanks and best regards,

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      I cannot speak directly to the Carnegie Mellon training class other than to say that Carnegie Mellon is a very well respected University. I’m sure the training is top notch.

      However, as a certified GCIH handler, I would highly recommend the SANS course. I took the class through vLive and thought that was the best way to attend. You get both Ed Skoudis and John Strand as instructors (I was lucky enough to have Bryce Galbraith as well because he filled in for Ed one night). The format gives you more opportunity to digest the material and you can read ahead since there is a couple days between sessions. The only downside to the vLive method is during the 6th day. It makes it more difficult to work in teams during the Capture the Flag event.


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      I am a certified GPEN and I am a bit afraid that the SANS course on incident handling is pretty much the same, or at least has a big intersection.
      Therefore I am looking for some “new” stuff.

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