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      Hi all!

      Im new here on the forum, and came by searching for ethical hacking methods and events.
      At my university, we are making a new project, where we would like to help a company in the marketing. So came to our mind, to organize an ethical hacking event, against the company, so that it can be prooved how good they are! It’s an IT company which main service is security.

      So i would like to ask you, where i can find some people, and where should i organize something like this? Do you have any idea? Or are here any hackers who would like to try it?
      Of course we would make a contract, so it would go with the presense of the company, they know about everything.

      Thx for the info in advance!


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      FYI it’s often hard to crowd-source these kind of projects, as the target company will often worry about who is allowed to attack and if they follow the same code of conduct, as e.g. an ethical hacker would.

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      Hi Ender,

      welcome to EH-Net.

      Depending on your location you could look to local security businesses who may be willing to assist in return for a share in the publicity, or to local groups (DC#, 2600, etc.) for individuals.

      Only concern I’d have, is I’ve seen the same marketing spin tried over the years, often resulting in some very bright individual finding a flaw, leaving the ‘bragging’ company with egg on their face. Before you start the PR exercise I’d suggest that your client hires multiple, VERY good pentesters to put the systems through it’s paces first…..

Viewing 2 reply threads
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